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Proeco Químicas, Quality and Service company

Proeco Químicas Strategical plan is based on fudamental pillars, personalized customers follow up, constant attention to details and high quality products are features to make the difference, but we logically take into acounts, prices, they are really adjusted to the price line market with an excellent quality-price relation.

All those features permit us to reach all excellent results we get.

We are a chemical products and detergents manufacturer with high end products and competitive prices.

... High Quality Products

Flexibility and full personalisation
Our production system is constantly adapted to customers specifical needs. A fully flexible production to offer personalized solutions, making ours, customers needs.

Personal follow up and customer care
Up to Proeco Químicas, the notion of service goes further than offering you a high end product. The personalized follow up and care of our customers is essential.

Short-term delivery schedule
Our production system, our large security stock and the efficiency of our logistic managers makes our delivery timing very competitive.
Within 2 or 3 days, from the day we receive the order, the products are delivered to your place.

Our concern about innovation and customers' need contributes to solve cleaning products and widen our products range.