In Proeco Químicas, we offer one of the biggest cleaning products, soaps and detergents range of the market

You will find in those pages all information you need about Proeco Químicas cleaning products and detergents. If you couldn't find the product you are looking for, contact us, we will advise you or we will produce it for you.

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All purpose cleaning products

Floor cleaners

Cleaning machines products

Modern surfaces cleaning products

Descalers and toilet products

Sanitizers products

Disinfectants, Disinfectants H.A, Hygienical products

General degreasers

Ovens, Grills, Filters Degreasers

Wax, Polishing and Crystallising Products

Carpets and Rugs Cleaners

Vitrification Products

Anti-graffiti Products

Specialized Cleaning Products

All purpose cleaning products Detergentes, jabones, geles, desinfectantes, bactericidas, desengrasantes... Una amplia família de productos para aplicación general.

Certified Ecological cleaning products ECO-LABEL, European Label

Green Cleaner (Ecological-organic general cleaning product)

Green Crystal (Ecological-organic glass and all purpose cleaner)

Green Degraser (Ecological-organic degreaser)

Green Dishwasher (Ecological-organic hygienizing washing liquid concentrate)

Green Laundry (Ecological-organic laundry liquid for color and white clothing)

Concentrate Cleaning Products

All Purpose Concentrate

Modern Surfaces Cleaners


Air Fresheners


Productos Concentrados

Air Fresheners

Concentrate Air Fresheners

Perfume Air Fresheners

Natural Air Fresheners

Abstract Scents Air Fresheners

Spray Air Fresheners

Absorbing smells-purifiers

Air fresheners

Personal Hygiene and Corporal Gels

Liquid Shower Gels

Hand Degreasers

Jabón para Higiene Personal

Kitchen Hygiene Products and Detergents

Hand Dishwashing Products

Dishwasher Products

Polishing Products


General Descalers

Ovens and Grills Degreasers

Kitchen Hygiene

Fabric Care

Powder Detergents

Liquid Detergents

Softeners / Neutralizers

Whiteners and Additives

Fabric Care

Pool Treatments Products

Triple Action Treatment Products

Burst Shock Treatment Products

Flocculating Products

Algicide Products

pH regulators

Pool Descalers

Pool Treatments Products

Car care

Exterior cleaning by hand or by pressure

Exterior Car Wash Cleaner

General Exterior Cleaner

Interior cleaner Products

Mechanics Products

Car care


Lubricants and Oils

Lubricants and Anti-Humidity Sprays

Dielectric Degreasers

Engine Degreasers and Cleaners

Boat Care Products - Descalers

Protective Oils

Other products for Industry


Economical Products


Floor Cleaners

Soaps - Hand Gels

Glass Cleaners

All Purpose Products

Economical Products

Custom Made Products

Proeco Químicas produces more than 300 products to solve all cleaning needs and is able to manufacture new products to solve specific problems you may have.

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